Guiding Principles

We base our consulting practice on the following guiding principles:  

We are committed to serve as "guides for decision-makers." 

While we put our experience and technical knowledge to work for our clients, we know the work is not about us. The work is always about the client. We honor clients as decision-makers and work within parameters they set.

We recognize the inseparability of the client's organizational philosophy from planning and development of any project.

Our consulting work is based on and grows out of the client's unique mission, program, and needs; one size does not fit all.

We create a sense of teamwork. 

We involve the designated members of the client's organization in the consulting process and at all stages of decision-making. We listen carefully and  incorporate client's ideas into the project; we strive to create a real partnership with our clients.  

We are passionate about quality.  

We set high quality standards; we seek and implement suggestions for improvement. 

We believe projects must be useful, practical, feasible, and understandable. 

The process and products of consulting must be free of jargon and technical language so people can readily identify with the project and its outcome. The utility of our work products is of paramount importance.  

We value learning and enjoy teaching. 

We continually stretch to acquire new knowledge, seeing ourselves as co-learners with our clients.

We are committed to ethical relationships. 

Honesty, openness, and fairness are qualities we value and strive to exemplify. We surface concerns early and often, handle confidential matters respectfully, and substantiate fees with thorough documentation.

We value diversity and strive for inclusion.

We respect the traditions and preferences of all races and cultures; work to overcome racism wherever we find it, including within ourselves; and have invested in healing racism training for all of our staff.